Filling ride plate holes with epoxy

Here is how we fill the ride plate holes with out using sand paper to level the epoxy to the ride plate.

First mix enough epoxy for about 2 holes then keep filling 1 hole till it's just about full then start to use smaller pieces of epoxy so that you do not over fill the hole higher that the ride plate. Now use your thumb to start making the epoxy even and level with the ride plate if you over fill with to much epoxy you can just remove a little bit to lower the height and use your thumb to level back out evenly. What ever is left over from the first hole you can use to start the 2nd hole and continue on.

Removing epoxy from your ride plate: use a drill with a 1/8 or 9/64 drill bit and drill a bunch of holes very close to each  other around the outer edge of the epoxy filled hole. Next take a flat screwdriver or small chisel and brake away at the epoxy untill the epoxy is completely out.