General Tech Tips

In our findings we have found that when a 4-tec supercharged watercraft is down in power it usually means the speed, acceleration and rpm's tend to be down or off as well. Most of the time people don't know or realize that there engine may have a loss of power. They simply just de-pitch their impeller to get their desired rpm's to where they want them or according to where the ECU box will allow them to be (but not realizing) that if you have de-pitched your impeller too much to get your desired rpm's there is a very strong possibility your top speeds will be off or low from what they should be. We have seen this especially with stage 3 type setups. In most cases if you know you have checked the obvious and cannot find anything wrong as to why your speeds are off or why your buddy just smoked your A$$ with the same setup it's most likely you have an internal engine problem like valves not seating properly, bad head gasket or you just may need to have your craft tunned buy a professinal. In this type of situation these are the most common problems we have found to be wrong.

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Items listed below are just some of our findings.

You may have the following problems:

In need of valve job (loss of acceleration, rpm, speed and inconsistent rpm)
Bad head gasket (loss of acceleration, rpm, speed and inconsistent rpm)
Cam timing not correct (loss of acceleration, rpm, speed)
Worn impeller or ware ing (loss of acceleration, rpm, speed)(50-100 rpm loss)
Improper pitch impeller (loss of acceleration, rpm, speed)
Intercooler leaking water (loss of accelerataion, rpm, speed) (rusty valves)
Exhaust fumes leaking in hull
AIR/FUEL not tunned correct
Boost leak