SpeedFreeks Racing Rear Air Guzzler

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Rear Air Guzzler

Our rear air guzzler keeps a true 4'' air flow from your supercharger to our speedfreeks air GUZZLER adaptor. The GUZZLER air adapter is sealed directly to your engine cowl with sealant, so that it truly breaths cold air from the outside of your ski. You can not get a more free flowing air intake system for your rxp or rxp-x, especially if your running one of today's hi-boost superchargers. This air intake system will supply your supercharger with all the air it demands. The air GUZZLER can be used on everything from a stock ski to a highly modified ski with awesome results. Not to mention your ski will sound amazing from the sound of your supercharger whistling through our rear air intake system Our "REAR AIR GUZZLER" works with rear exhaust and most intercooler systems. The air GUZZLER has 2 key factors: One is that it seals completely to your engine cowl and only takes air from the outside of your ski. The second one is it does not have a hard 90 degree turn directly in front of the inlet of your charger and then choke back down to 3'' and then open back up to the opening in the cowl that is not sealed 100% from the heat and fumes of your engine compartment. My rear air has a straight 4'' unrestricted flow all the way out to the engine cowl opening. i don't know of any other rear air intake that seals 100% to the rear cowl and only breathes outside air into your charger. Here's another feature about our rear air guzzler. It can be used in conjunction with your already existing 4'' kanaflex intake or fizzle kit. All you need to do is loosen the clamp at your supercharger and push your existing 4'' kanaflex to the side and hook the 4'' guzzler right back on to your supercharger and now you have the best of both worlds. You use your original 4'' kanaflex for wave jumping and ocean riding and then when it's time to do some drag racing or speed runs you simply switch over to the GUZZLER to get your best possible performance and top speeds... only one clamp and your ready to do some drag racing or speed runs. We even supply a clamp with a wing nut so that you don't need to use a screwdriver. The GUZZLER cannot be used on a rxp-x with out relocating your intercooler. Please look below for our intercooler relocation kit

SpeedFreeks Racing Rear Air Guzzler

Price: 269.95 |