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Our specially designed band helps to increase pressure and support to your bellows keeping it stiff and aligned properly. The Bellow Band helps to eliminating cavitation and prop spin under acceleration. If you have a stock or heavily modified ski the Bellow Band can improve your skis performance. Heavily modified skis are more prone to cavitation or prop spin because your impeller produces more suction in the pump tunnel causing your carbon seal to open / un-seal under acceleration (thus) sucking in air creating prop spin / cavitation (speedfreeks bellow band helps to eliminate this problem)

 Bellow Band may also help to eliminate or prevent that mysterious water leak that you may have in your hull. Always check the condition of your carbon ring before installing the Bellow Band. Drive shaft must be removed for installation.



04 & Later RXT / RXP-X

06 & Later GTX / RXT / RXT-X


Price: 69.00 |