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At Speedfreeks Racing we can take your 4-Tech from a simple stage 1 kit to a full blown supercharger or turbo set up. We are also capable of re-tuning your already modified set-up to help you achieve better speed and performance goals. No matter if you are a recreational rider or close course racer, endurance rider or drag racer we can build a ski for your own personal riding preference. Just let us know All work is done in house so there is no need to worry about your parts being sent out to a 3rd party. When it comes to building our PWC's we believe in using the following: Riva Racing, Rotax Racing, R&D our own SpeedFreeks Racing products.


Please call for pricing: Complete head re-builds, Valve seat cutting, Valve-train up grade installation, Valve re-facing/grinding, Valve lighting, Replace Valve Guides, Cylinder head porting, Complete engine re-building, Cylinder boring / honeing, Nozzle machining for changeable rings, Supercharger re-builds, Supercharger / metal washer install, Air-fuel bung installation, Water box modifications, Pump re-building, Impeller modifications / re-pitching, Custom ride plates & intake grates, On water tuning Engine & pump shoe alignment, Seat cover installation, Hull truing, Powder Coating, GelCoat re-pair


SpeedFreeks Racing has a full in house machine shop with 20 years experience, all of our work is done on premises. We also do custom fabrications such as conversion ski's and one off custom parts. Also were very skilled when it comes to TIG welding and metal fabrications.  If you have a custom project or part that you would like to build, let us know. I'm sure we can help.


We can bore & hone your 4-tec engine and any cast iron 2 stroke or 4 stroke cylinder from a 2" to 5" bore. Watercraft, ATV, Dirt Bike, and Snowmobile. Price $65.00


We specialize in welding all the following metals: Aluminum Stainless Steel Brass


SpeedFreeks ride plate modifications will improve your top speed without sacrificing handling and rough water hook up. Our latest ride plate design has been known to be just as fast if not faster that an aftermarket open loop ride plate with out the extra hassle and money of an open loop syestem. We have many hrs into testing and tunning our ride plates with results that speak for them selfs.

RXP Speed gains 3 to 4 mph Price $340.00
RXT-X Speed gains 2 to 3 mph Price $340.00
RXT Speed gains 1.8 to 2.5 mph Price $340.00
RXT-X Speed gains 1.8 to 2.5 mph Price $340.00


We modify all 4-Tech water boxes to improve water and exhaust air flow. When doing this mod we also flare out the exhaust exit tube inside the water box for a much better air flow. This modification will increase acceleration and performance.
Price $140.00


The O2 bung installation is used for reading your AIR/FUEL temps when tuning craft. We cut open your double wall J pipe & weld in an O2 bung and stainless plate. All J pipes are pressure checked before shipping.
Price $125.00


We drill & tap your exhaust manifold to fit your O2 sensor. also with doing this mod we machine the area so that the O2 sensor can get down into the path of your exhaust gas. This modification can only be done to a 255/X exhaust manifold.
Price $45.00

XS Intercooler Mod

Our XS intercooler mod will increase the performance of your SeaDoo 4-tec engine. This mod is a must have if your using a stock or smaller type supercharger up to 14+lb boost with an XS intercooler. When installing an XS intercooler with smaller type superchargers your throttle responce can feel a little softer as well as decreased acceleration. Bigger superchargers will benefit from this mod as well but the smaller supercharger ski's seem to feel a little more performance than a bigger charger ski's. We have seen smaller chager ski's gain up to .5lb of boost form our mod. The bigger charger ski's may not show as much boost increase but will still feel a noticeable difference in throttle responce and acceleration. Our mod works the same on both smaller and bigger superchargers by adding noticeably better throttle response, acceleration and in some cases increased top speeds.
We Mod your XS intercooler $215.00

SpeedFreeks Racing

Speedfreeks Racing owner, Erik Rizzotto has been involved in building 2 stroke & 4 stroke engines for almost 2 decades. Erik’s in house machine shop is available for installation and modification of high performance parts. His previous experience comes from his own pleasures in racing & building custom Harley Davidson’s, Boats, ATV’s and Jet skies. He also has an excellent talent in custom painting and airbrushing. All these experiences have attributed to him becoming successful in his line of business.

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